Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Crafts for Kids - White Crayon Resist

My 2-year old baby always sees me using Distress Stains so every time I make a project, she sneaks into my craft supplies box, gets the distress stains and rubs it on whatever paper she gets. This gave me an idea for the perfect craft project to do with her - white crayon resist cards. Crayon resist is probably the oldest craft technique that I know. I've been using it since I was in grade school.

The process is very simple: just write on a card using white crayon, then color with watercolor, (or in this case, Distress Stains). You'll have something like this:

Finished product

Materials Used:
Distress Stains or watercolor
White Crayon

When creating this project with your kids, make sure that you have lots of cards available. They're addicting to make! (Our set of 50 cards and envelopes for P250 is perfect for this project!)

These are the projects that I made with my baby.

These are the ones that she made for her Dad and her grandparents. ( I wrote the message, then let her paint)

I wanted to suggest Distress Stains over watercolor because logic suggests that they are not messy but when I saw our "craftermath", I figured messy is always going to be synonymous with toddler. And I love messy!

This project is not just a good bonding activity with your little ones but also a nice way to teach your kids to show appreciation for their loved ones. Try it and have fun!

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